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Journey Within's
News, Guided Meditations & Workshops coming up in Lakewood, CO

Pet Energy Healings

Sat., May 19th, 12-3 pm
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Missed a Workshop or
Guided Meditation?

Available on CDs
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Finding & Rekindling
Love in Your Life,

Romance Angels Workshop,

Creating Your New Year,

Healing Food Cravings

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Meditation Download or
Meditation CD's are
Available from our
Live Guided Meditations & Workshops

If you are interested now please call me 720-413-7303 to purchase
Meditation Downloads or Meditations cd's.




Guided Meditation; Finding & Rekindling Love in Your Life $20
Facilitated by Amy Terry
A powerful meditation to help you create the ideal relationships you are craving in your life.
Learn how to release energetic blocks and beliefs that are preventing the love you deserve.



Romance Angels Workshop $75 Click here to go to Anita Destino's contact page.
Facilitated by Anita Destino
Whether you are single or in a relationship the Romance Angels can help you experience a greater amount of joy and bliss in your love life.

Learn how to work with the Romance Angels for healings and guidance to manifest the romantic relationship you desire.

You deserve to have a romantic relationship filled with love, joy and passion.
Explore the vibration of healing and manifesting with the Romance Angels. 

Click here to go to Anita Destino's contact page.
Guided Meditation; Creating Your Year
Start the year off right by taking time for YOU and creating your new year. Reflect on, learn from,
let go of 2016 as well as taking the time to manifest
the 2017 YOU desire is imperative for manifestation.

Explore the vibration and power of creating your new year. 
Let go of the past and make room for the new.

Give yourself the gift of a guided meditation with Anita Destino!


Click here to go to Anita Destino's contact page.These recordings are from a live group meditation activity. You are led through basic energy management techniques to assist you in relaxing, releasing, and refreshing energetically.

These guided visualizations to inspire and assist you in owning and exercising your power to create your life.


To schedule your healing appointment, sign up for a meditation class or purchase cd's please call me at 720-413-7303 or email me at

Please note: Our readings, healings, recordings, educational programs, and other products and services are powerful, life-changing tools for growth, but they are not intended to be a substitute for medical care. If you are dealing with any sort of mental or emotional disorder, are undergoing psychotherapy, are experiencing seizures, or have any other medical or neurological symptoms or disease, we suggest that you consult your physician or therapist and employ our services under their supervision. Neither Anita Destino, Journey Within, nor the directors, officers and instructors assume responsibility for your use of services, products, and programs. Namaste.


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Energy Healings and Meditation Classes in Denver, Colorado

Weekly Energy Healings,
Aura Clearing &
Chakra Balancing

for only $5 per healing
Free to first time visitors

Wednesday evenings
from 6 - 7 PM
Lakewood, Colorado

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Classes Starting

Our next Level 1 - 101
Basic Meditation for Beginners
in Denver area begins

May 3, 2018

Evening Program

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Our next Level 1 - 102
Chakras and Auras Class
in Denver area begins
Coming Summer 2018

Evening Program

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Our next Level 1 - 103

Learn to Heal with Angels
in Denver area begins

March 20, 2018
Evening Program
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Our next Level 2 - 201
Energy Healings begins

Scheduled June 2018

Evening Program

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Our next Level 2 - 202
Intuitive Readings begins
Scheduled July 2018

Evening Program

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Our next Level 2 - 203
Continuing Angels Program

May 1, 2018

Evening Program

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Comments from Clients

“The depth of Anita’s reading-healings is what makes them so transformational.  I feel as if I’ve completed five years of healing in just five hours..."  -Jen Dundee, Computer Security Analyst

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