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Journey Within's
News, Guided Meditations & Workshops coming up in Lakewood, CO

Pet Energy Healings

Sat., May 19th, 12-3 pm
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Finding & Rekindling
Love in Your Life,

Romance Angels Workshop,

Creating Your New Year,

Healing Food Cravings

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Read what Anita's clients have to say!


Private Appointments, House Healings, Guided Meditations and Weddings

“Anita Destino has probably made the biggest impact on my life over anything else I’ve ever done. My first energy healing with her brought in 3 new bids and $2650.00 in the first week. The phone is still ringing 3 weeks later! I believe with a passion that everyone should learn what Anita teaches – techniques to manage your own energy and have energy work done for themselves to heal. Anita is a truly amazing, loving, bright person that gives and heals with ease and grace.”
Kelly Robbins, MA

"Anita helped my father when he passed away. She supported him leaving
his body, finding his truth and being free and relieved for his next
life time. Thank you."

"All of my wife's' doctors are shocked at her rapid recovery. They say things like "looking at your chart I didn't expect to see you in this condition". We will never forget the kind words and strong gentle healings we received from the healers at Journey Within. In our darkest times we could feel the healers and their healing guides working to help my wife get well and to make me stronger. Please accept our humble gratitude and our best wishes for you and your loved ones and for Journey Within :-)  HOORAY!!!!!!"
Jock, Idaho Springs, CO

"When I started having deeper conversations with you and started exploring spirituality outside of the Christianity I was raised in. I discovered much more happiness in the moment because I really started to (and still do) believe in "divine timing". I still think life is better when shared with a special someone, but I also 100% believe that things happen when they do for a reason...thanks to you. I’m not saying I have the happiest life possible, but seriously I live a much fuller life than I did before that became my thought process."
Jonny, Denver, CO

"I want to thank you again for such a meaningful experience and the very sweet (& beautiful) card you sent soon after our appointment.  It sounds cliché, though I am sure you hear this often - the energy work literally caused a noticeable shift in my attitude and entire perspective on this fertility journey. 
When I walked out of that room, I started over with a brand new attitude of hopefulness and confidence in knowing there was a bright future ahead with nothing stopping me from getting pregnant. You helped me to wipe away all of the 'if it happens and began thinking and speaking with the 'when it happens.
In addition to meeting with you- I was able to get the initiative to make additional emotional, lifestyle, physical changes to reflect the new-found perspective to help me on this road- visualizations, meditations you offered, and an overall mantra of thinking and acting as if I am pregnant- IT WORKED!!!  I just hit 6 weeks today.
Above all, I want to thank you and credit you for the bulk of this exciting accomplishment by helping me to obtain the shift in attitude and thought that I truly needed to be ready to receive this wonderful gift. You do great work and I am thankful to have been referred to you.
Suzie, Denver, CO

"Anita is an amazing healer and reader. I am growing so fast by having regular readings by her. She can clear out old stuff that makes me stuck so I am much more free to grow into my highest self. She doesn't leave any stone unturned in accessing the essence and cause of a problem and using her tools to over come the problem that I bring to her attention. I've had over 15 readings/healings by her and she has always fixed me.  Also, she is a very deep and caring person which is reflected in how she treats people. I am so comfortable and trusting of her."
Anne, Denver, CO

"The depth of Anita's reading-healings is what makes them so transformational.  I feel as if I've completed five years of healing in just five hours.  When you present her with an issue that you would like to have healed, she leaves no stone unturned in the healing process. This thoroughness is what makes the results of her work so palpable.  I've used Anita's services for long-standing problems that are now no longer "problems".  The amount of work she can do in a one-hour session with such clarity, grace, and speed is remarkable."
Jen Dundee, Computer Security Analyst 

"She's the best! Very simple, Anita is amazing. I count on her "clear vision" in all aspects of my life. Anita makes it possible for me to be true to myself, family, friends and clients. I call on her on a regular basis, I have never been anything but amazed and grateful for her help."
Sharyn, San Diego, CA

From a client who suddenly lost your cat: "Hi Anita, I want to let you know how much your reading helped me. I am still upset but feel much less traumatized than I did when I saw you. I was able to make it through the rest of my week and go to school and work. Thank you for helping me through one of the most difficult things that has ever happened to me."
Jenn, Denver, CO

"Anita has been a cherished friend for over 10 years. Her insight, has provided information that has moved me forward in life.  She has demonstrated what healthy boundaries look like. Her integrity and loyalty has seen me through difficult times.  She has been a mentor to me. Teaching through example, bringing to life simple truths. Anita shares tools that are highly effective in navigating life. I look forward to time we spend together. Extracting what is beautiful from life. Embracing the pain.
Sharing life strategies, Inspiring those to heal themselves...Thank you, Anita!"
Sean, Englewood, CO

Guided Meditations at Corporations

"I walk into meditation with back pain. I leave Anita’s meditation session without back pain. As Anita walks us through meditation, I can feel the stress melt away. I’m happier, more relaxed, more productive, and more positive after Anita’s guided meditation sessions. I’m lucky enough to work for an employer that sees the value in offering Anita’s meditation sessions and I highly recommend her services to others! Thank you for all you do!
Terry, AVP Benifits & HRIS, Archstone Communities


"When my husband and I were planning our wedding ceremony, we knew we wanted something informal, but still communicated our happiness at becoming man and wife. We told Anita that we wanted something that celebrated our love but we had a hard time articulating exactly what we wanted to say during our ceremony. Anita sat with us and asked us questions to got to the heart of what we wanted. After our consultation with Anita, she even wrote our vows for us! The words she chose were perfect and heartfelt and really communicated who we were as a couple. She really made our day and ceremony a memorable and beautiful experience that was exactly what we wanted."
The Loos', Englewood, CO

"Anita, you took the stress out of a busy day. With you there that was one less thing we had to worry about, I knew it would be smooth. Thank you for making our wedding day event more special."
The Smiths, Denver, CO

House Healings

"I wanted to tell you what a huge change there is in the energy in my home since Anita did my house healing. A friend even noticed how much better it feels. I can sleep better at night, wake up feeling safe and rested. That was a big deal! My cats are happier and don't fight as much. It's just more friendly and peaceful here now. I like coming home at night because now it's my safe heaven, rather than a difficult place to be. Anita, you're the greatest. Thanks bunches."
Ruth, Lakewood, CO

"I'm happy to report that my husband is now employed with the ideal job created just for him; after a year and a half search.  The opportunity that opened up is exactly what he'd been looking for even before he was laid off.  I believe the home cleansing you lead early June allowed him to finally be seen.  Within 2 weeks he received an email from a previous boss saying he had a new phone and couldn't find our phone number. They spoke a few more times, then an offer letter arrived via email mid-July.
You and the ladies not only cleared the energy for my husband, but went through each and every room and outdoor living area to make sure that we had a clear, positive place to live.  That was much more than I expected and I can feel the difference everyday.  With two teenagers in the house, it can get a little tense, but things haven't got out of hand. 
My business, which I had neglected as you noticed, has picked up as well.  I have always had faith, but it's comforting to know that there are people who care enough to use their energy to help others.  I can't thank all of you enough!  I can only find a way to give back to the universe.
Please thank all involved and let them know their efforts were successful. I pray all your dreams come alive as well."
Anita M, Golden, Colorado





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