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Here is what our students have to
say about Journey Within's classes

Level 1
101 Basic Meditation for Beginners
102 Chakra and Aura Class
103 Angel Program

Level 2 Develop Your Intuition
201 Energy Healings
202 Intuitive Reading
203 Continuing Angel Program

Letters from Level 5 Graduates

Level 1 101 Basic Meditation for Beginners Class

I felt really lost. I did forget some things, it was good to be reintroduced to these things again, like running Earth and Cosmic energy. Thanks again. ~ Beckie

Amy was great. I ďfeelĒ so much better. I can heal myself. My spiritual growth is much clearer to me. ~ Wendy

What a great tool for my personal tool box! I have learned so much from this class. I knew about grounding, but had no idea about letting go of things no longer serving me, and then filling them in. I highly recommend this class. ~ Stacie 

Amy is an excellent teacher of Level 1. I really like her style. ~ Cindi

I felt this class helps to calm your inner self and help you to keep negative energy from invading your space. ~ Anonymous

Thank you for helping me to be able to deal with life better by my ďminds eyeĒ control
~ Sarah 

This class has already made a difference in how I manage both my work and personal life and the way I manage both and I am sleeping so much better! ~ Jean 

Since I have been taking class with Journey Within (Anita) I have a more peaceful, loving fulfilled life. I am grateful. ~ Anonymous 

Completely new and interesting way for me to meditate. Very visual and easy to call on whenever needed. Super approachable teachers. ~ Anonymous 

I would recommend this class to better understand the art of meditation and learning the process and techniques to improve your everyday life. ~ Dan 

If youíre even a bit curious about taking the Level 1 Basic Meditation class go ahead and do so. From the first day of class to the last I feel like renewed person. Learning how to release all of the energy that was weighing me down and reconnect with the universe has changed my life for the better. ~ Luke

It was a great class for meditation basics. The information presented was not too complicated, liked the casual attitude of the instructor. ~ Sunil

I am never more grounded and feel so much better about my abilities to focus on tasks.  I am much more stable in my emotions. Has made a large difference in my life! Thank you for sharing! ~ Peggy

My experience is this class has made a bit difference with my anxiety and relaxation. I now feel like I have more control over my life and I am happier and more relaxed. Thank you! ~ Crystal 

Thank you so much! Iím excited to take another class! ~ Sarah 

Before this class; I felt I wasnít able to meditate. Anita helped breakdown the meditation process into easy steps and now I use meditation regularly and am no longer intimidated by it or confused. ~ Anonymous 

I like it. ~ Anonymous 

Anita does a wonderful job of creating a space of safety and discovery. ~ Anonymous 

I can finally say ďI meditateĒ. I learned in 5 weeks techniques I didnít know after 10 years meditating. I have applied your teachings at work, I am not drained anymore & anxiety is gone. Thank you Anita. Basic Meditation 101 is awesome! ~ Rosa  

I really looked forward to calming my thoughts & learning new tools. ~ Anonymous 

Empowering Ė looking forward to Level 2. ~ Anonymous 

This was a great class to get me on the path to self-growth & healing. ~ Anonymous 

Along my spiritual search I found this meditation class because it spoke to my soul a lot, trinity of sources my journey is finally on the illuminated path. Thank you Anita!
~ Katherine 

The meditation class at Journey Within helped me learn to access inner wisdom and peaceful space in a more reliable way. ~ Virginia 

I just feel better to know now all the tools you give me. ~ Anonymous 

I will use what I have learned to keep helping with my life. It has made things easier for me. ~ Evelyn

After almost 20 years of insomnia, I decided to take a meditation class. Since taking the class, the insomnia is virtually gone. Iím very appreciative of the tools Iím learning - itís making a difference in my life. ~ Diane

It will change your life. I took this class at the end of 2008 and I am now on a third class with Anita! I cannot say enough about these classes. As a highly sensitive person, I had been carrying around so much energy in my space that was not mine. Now I have learned how to keep my space clear and protect myself from taking on so much stuff from other people. The class is designed for all levels and the tools you learn gradually build on each other. By the end you are not sure how you lived without them! Anita is a fun and engaging instructor. She loves her work and it shows! You will have fun while you learn valuable tools for a happier more peaceful life! Take it, take it now! It's a great value. I would recommend this class and teacher." ~ Carol

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Level 1 102 Chakra and Aura Class

I loved singling out each Chakra, grounding them and clearing each one from any negativity and blocks. ~ Anonymous 

The sense of calm that I felt in the room and Anita's presence. I still can't believe how easily and quickly I was able to go to a meditative state. I feel like a new person. ~ Jacquelyn

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Level 1 103 Learn to Heal with Angels

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to both expand upon my knowledge and intuition as well as receive lots of my own personal healing. Anita is such a very caring and humble teacher. Thanks Anita and Matilda.

I received a message that I needed to take this class. Best & one of the greatest gifts I gave myself. This class was enlightening. I am more awake and through this class I was introduced to Archangels who are key players in my life. Gratitude. ~ Jac

This class took me one step closer to understanding the world beyond. ~ Anonymous 

This class has been a life changing experience for me. I have learned how amazing it feels trusting and knowing Angels are with me. ~ Anonymous 

This just opened up my whole world to something so amazing yet familiar. My life makes more since now. I have never felt so alive. ~ Linda

As an avid meditator I can only say that the level of vibration during meditation class was comforting. ~ Anonymous  

I am very grateful to have met Anita and sharing with you and your students a life transformation to help us relax. ~ Anonymous  

I realized that I was not putting the protection bubble around me for protection when doing healing. I always ground and connect to higher healing energy but, I am too open and take on others energy. Thank you, this is huge. ~ Anonymous  

Great! ~ Franklin 

Peace has come to my life and an awakening of my soul has made everything in life joyous again. Thank you Anita; for giving me back to myself. ~ Felicia 

Itís a wonderful forum to learn that you, that everyone can hear and feel the Angels.
~ Anonymous  

I loved that the class was not cut & dried, that each week was a different experience. Each time I had class I was in a better spot, physically, mentally and spiritually, then when I came in. ~ Claire 

For the spiritual type of person this class is an absolute must. Higher sense of self & purpose. ~ Victoria 

Anita is great. I can feel good energy coming off her and everyone who is in the class.
~ Jason 

Clear, focused, inspired. Practical ideas for practice. ~ Anonymous  

I enjoyed learning about the angels and how to open lines of communication with them. This was such a powerful class on my path to growing my spiritual side. ~ Katie 

Thank you so much for all you do for so many J ~ Anonymous  

Excellent class; would recommend to anyone. ~ Anonymous  

Anita has a great way of giving information and a soothing leader of meditation.
~ Anonymous

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Level 2 201 Develop Your Intuition; Energy Healings

Everything was very helpful to me. ~ Monika 

The Journey Within is a place where I feel safe to play in the energetic realm to further develop healing skills. ~ Victoria 

I really enjoyed the class & the people involved. ~ Anonymous 

Great class; Anita is a perfect teacher. ~ Rita 

I Love You! ~ Kasey 

The classes are great and I really enjoy them. Iíve learned so much. ~ Andie 

It works! ~ K 

Great class; liked all tools I got in here, the way teacher taught. ~ Anonymous 

Iím so grateful and pleased to take this class so I can develop my knowledge on how to heal myself & others. I would definitely recommend this class to others. ~ Anonymous 

This class helped me build on what Iíve learned and has strengthened my trust for my intuition. It seems to get easier to receive messages and heal. ~ Shelle

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Level 2 202 Develop Your Intuition; Intuitive Readings

Each time I challenge myself to attend I am surprised at what I experience in the class. Life is LITERALLY MAGICAL!
~ Nic

This class not only gave me insight into a formula into guiding but also boosted my confidence level in doing them. An excellent beginning point I highly recommend.
~ Anonymous

Level 2 is a great extension of what you learn in level 1. You donít know what you donít know. ~ Anonymous

Anita Rocks! ~ Anonymous

Iíve always had a difficult time attempting to do a reading but, the specific techniques taught in the class opened up my ability very much! I recommend the class! ~ Paul 

Good class. ~ Anonymous 

Wonderful instruction in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. ~ Anonymous

I donít consider myself to be particularly psychic so it is thrilling to be experiencing all these unbelievable things. I also like that to get feedback when you go around the room and ask what they experienced. ~ Anonymous 

This class has been very helpful in awakening abilities in me that I never knew I had.
~ Anonymous

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to develop their reading skills & further develop their intuitive skills. ~ Anonymous 

Again itís great to realize what one is capable of with the right tools. ~ Karralee 

A great compliment to healing portion 201 and actually a lot of fun. ~ Shelle 

I took the class to improve and gain confidence in my abilities. At first I was timid & distrustful of my ability. By the end of the very last class, I got the validation I needed to trust in myself & my capabilities. ~ BSB 

Very much enjoyed the class. I got personal attention! ~ Kim

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Level 2 203 Continuing Angels Program

Overall, my angels have been with me always, however, with each class I continue to be and feel so blessed and grateful for having ever met and been part of your class.
~ Anonymous 

My horizons broaden and my universe expands every time I take a class from Anita. I always come away with a brighter outlook and future. The angels are always joyous.
~ Anonymous 

As always, the messages we receive in these classes are inspiring, motivating and often life altering. ~ Karralee

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Level 5 One to One Class

"Since taking seminars with Anita, I've gotten my joy back in the classroom.  The meditation techniques have helped me manage the daily stress that comes with being a teacher and have created a sense of clarity that benefits my students.   Even my family has remarked that I seem happier about my job and I AM!" ~ Mary

A letter from a graduate of our Level 5 program
"As a child I learned to discount my feelings, and be unaware of my needs. I learned to leave my body and dissociate because I couldnít bear to be me. And yet, despite the pain, I knew there had to be another way to be; but I had no idea what it looked like or how to get there.

My journey to the truth started with a meditation class I took when I was 20. I have always said that it saved my life because it was the first time I was able to stop the tormenting thoughts in my head that kept me living in fear and soaked in self-hatred. Unfortunately, the thoughts would start up again after I finished meditating but they werenít as frequent or as damaging. I also had several years of individual therapy after that and participated in group work as well to heal.

Things were okay. I was getting by; I had figured out a way to maintain my life yet I was still in pain. And I was still looking for something that might assist me to continue to heal. I was open to anything that offered hope. And that is how I found Journey Within. I had the opportunity to participate in one of their group meditations. The process went so beyond what I already practiced that I knew immediately I wanted to learn more about it. I intuitively knew where it could take me.

It is now three years later. I just completed Level 5: One to one. Once I started, I couldnít stop! I was healing and I wanted more. As I write these words I am overcome with emotion. Journey Within, with Anita Destino, the teachers and students, has enabled me to be in a place where I no longer need to search for the answer so that I can be okay. Now I get to live my life!

I have tools to manage my energy which is simply amazing after spending years taking on everybody elseís energy because I couldnít differentiate between what was me and what was someone else. Now when a sudden wave of sadness or fear comes over me out of nowhere, I know what it is. Someone elseís energy has come into my space. And I know what to do to get rid of it. Yay! My intuition is strong, I trust that I know what to do and I trust that I am equipped to do it.  

I am so grateful to Journey Within for the freedom and peace it has enabled me to have in my life. And for anyone considering taking a class I say go for it. I donít know of a better gift to give to yourself!" 

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ďAnita is an amazing healer and reader.  I am growing so fast by having regular readings by her.  She can clear out old stuff that makes me stuck so I am much more free to grow into my highest self..."  -Anne, Denver

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