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Romance Angels

Sat. Feb. 10, 2018
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Missed a Workshop or
Guided Meditation?

Available on CDs
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Finding & Rekindling
Love in Your Life,

Romance Angels Workshop,

Creating Your New Year,

Healing Food Cravings

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Meet our  Professional Energy Healers
at Journey Within in Lakewood / Denver, CO

Amy R, Cherry, Hal, Jessica, Liz, Margarita and Sean

Please contact the healer directly
1 Hour Healings $125 per hour
By Appointment


 Sean Allison
Sean Allison


My Healings

  • Addiction and Trauma Recovery

  • Hospice, Crossing Over, Life Tributes

  • Executive and Networking Strategies

  • Intercessory and Remote Healings

  • Inter-Religious Conflict Resolution

  • Ask me about the 90 Day Challenge!

Empowering by bringing experiences with personal growth.
20+ years working with Autism
30+ years in The Artistry of Trauma Recovery


Cherry Freiwald

Cherry Freiwald

 My Healings

  • Usui and Karuna Reiki Level II Practitioner

  • Life Issues - Romance, Money, Health

  • Past Life Readings and Healings

  • Space Readings, Healings and Clearings

To facilitate each individual's healing so that they open themselves and their lives to new and ever higher levels of alignment, attunement and experiences of Spirit such that their growth allows for more joy, love, peace, compassion and expansion.

Jessica Rose


Jessica Rose  

My Healings

  • Energetic healings and chakra balancing

  • Intuitive healings and readings about career, love, finances, and   
         health concerns

  • Pet Healings and Pet Communication

  • Angel Card Readings and Energy Healings

  • Angel Communication 

Jessica Rose has been a part of Journey Within since 2008 and involved in energetic healing and the intuitive arts for over 10+ years. She loves being an instructor and helping others find their own path by giving them tools to grow in spirit and empower them to change their lives.

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Liz Konkel


Liz Konkel
TEXT Only 303-319-0925

  My Healings

  • Aura Clearing with Chakra Balancing

  • Private Intuitive Readings

  • Energy Healings and Intuitive Readings (Including Aura/Chakra Healings)

  • Animal Communication/Energy Healings

  • Angel Card Readings/Energy Healings

  • Spirit Communication Facilitator

  • Reiki Healings

  • Home/Office or Personal Space Clearings/Energy Healings

  • Life Transitions

I am also fluent in ASL (American Sign Language) as Im deaf. 

My belief is that we are all on a healing journey.  I enjoy working with people and animals of all ages and giving them tools to grow and thrive.  Energy Healings and Intuitive Readings can be done remotely as well.

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Margarita Zyrianova

My Healings

  • Aura Clearing with Chakra Balancing

  • Private Intuitive Readings, Energy Healings with traditional Reiki III

  • Remote Intuitive Readings, Energy Healings

  • Home/Work Clearings with Energy Healings

  • Pet Energy Healings/Animal Communications

Languages: English, Russian

Spiritual meditations helped me regain a positive outlook and attitude towards life. There is love and healing powers in all of us. Clearing energy blockages and increasing awareness of our inner strength supports spiritual growth.

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Hal Yoder

My Healings

  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BDCST)

  • Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing

  • Intuitive Reading and Energy Healing 

I spent many years seeing other healers to help me overcome emotional patterns from my childhood. In receiving work from others I began to understand the skills these practitioners possessed were abilities innate in all of us and I began to study and learn them too.  

The beauty of intuitive healing and BDCST is that each recognizes the client is whole and perfect as they are. There is no pathology, only the body's natural intelligence expressing adaptations to cope with the life circumstances that brought us to where we are today.

On an ethereal level patterns in our life that do not serve us are a mixture of energetic in-balances, or the imposition of other people's energy in our space. Intuitive readings, aura clearings, and chakra balancing can facilitate change with these patterns so we can move towards more empowering ways of being.

On a physical level we also create patterns that overly our body's natural blueprint.  In BDCST the practitioner comes into resonance with the client's body and allows the native Intelligence of the client's body to make the repairs necessary to remove the imprints caused by physical injury or emotional trauma.

My work facilitates people heal or recover from such topics as migraines, surgery, sprains, broken bones, or trauma. I can also support people to improve areas of their life such as money, relationships, or career.

In working through my own issues of trauma resolution and energetic blocks I have developed a deep empathy for others who are experiencing similar issues in their lives. I'm sincerely interested in helping others find their full potential and look forward to working with you.

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Amy Rowland

My Healings

  • Aura Clearing with Chakra Balancing

  • Private Intuitive Readings with Energy Healings

  • Animal Communication/Energy Healings

  • Reiki Healings

  • Ordained Minister

To be the voice to help you on your healing path. Working with your spirit helps me to connect with your Guided or Angels which makes it easier to move out any blocks or obstacles that are stopping you from moving forward.

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Energy Healings and Meditation Classes in Denver, Colorado

Weekly Energy Healings,
Aura Clearing &
Chakra Balancing

for only $5 per healing
Free to first time visitors

Wednesday evenings
from 6 - 7 PM
Denver, Colorado

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Classes Starting

Our next Level 1 - 101
Basic Meditation for Beginners
in Denver area begins

Coming in Spring 2018

Evening Program

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Our next Level 1 - 102
Chakras and Auras Class
in Denver area begins
March 22, 2018

Evening Program

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Our next Level 1 - 103

Learn to Heal with Angels
in Denver area begins

March 20, 2018
Evening Program
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Our next Level 2 - 201
Energy Healings begins

Feb. 13, 2018

Tuesday Evenings

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Our next Level 2 - 202
Intuitive Readings begins
Feb. 15, 2018

Thursday Evenings

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Our next Level 2 - 203
Continuing Angels Program

Scheduled May 1, 2018

Evening Program

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Comments from Clients

Anita is an amazing healer and reader.  I am growing so fast by having regular readings by her.  She can clear out old stuff that makes me stuck so I am much more free to grow into my highest self..."  -Anne, Denver

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